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    I inspire others to feel guided at the deepest level, because Living Well is your birthright.

    Dispelling YOUR Myths about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

    “Get Ready”: Transition to Parenthood

    Dr. Sada Simran’s prenatal sessions support a woman's development through the psychological and physical transitions toward motherhood. Her gift is her ability to identify birth-related issues in a woman's personal history. She possesses a vast skill set of yogic and therapeutic tools to address the specific anxieties a woman experiences at the threshold of motherhood to improve both psychological and medical birth outcomes. The primary focus of the sessions is upon the woman's needs and development in relationship to her developing identity as woman and mother. Family history, past childbirth, present family support, the woman's own birth experience and realistic preparation for giving birth are covered.


    Dispelling YOUR Myths around living a kick-ass life

    Sessions Dr. Sada Simran appeal to anyone seeking support for better mental, emotional and spiritual health. She pairs traditional methods of therapeutic care with ancient yogic healing modalities to tailor a program of healing suited to your individual needs. Sessions may be composed with a unique blend of psychotherapy, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, and breathwork. Dr. Sada Simran helps people release trauma and negative emotions from the body and inspires them to aspire to their best selves.


    What's Coming....

    see Training Programs for other offerings

    Pre & Post Natal Teacher Traini
    Starts Sept. 18, 2021 - virtual
    Visit: Kajabi/SatSiri.com for the details.


    Find your Inner Compass Training
    Starts Sept., 2021 - virtual
    Visit: CeremonyMeditation.com for additional information


    Quantum Sound Alchemist Teacher Training
    Starts Sept., 2021 - virtual
    Visit: CeremonyMeditation.com for additional information


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    Guided Sound Meditations
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    Contact Roxy@CeremonyMeditation.com to enroll.


    This program is for you if you want to step more deeply into your role as a teacher and healer, if you are looking to awaken more of your healing abilities, become a meditation instructor, facilitate circles and heal on an energetic level. Through this training you will connect to your purpose and align with your destiny even more.

    This program is also for those interested in personal growth and spiritual development. It is also a journey of personal discovery. Allow yourself to heal and be supported to step into your empowered, true authentic self as you expand your knowledge and energy.

    This program is also an opportunity to build conscious community in service for the greater collective.

    This program will benefit all levels–wherever you are on your journey.

    During this nine month program you will receive training in meditation, mindfulness, healing, breathwork, sound, facilitating sacred ceremonies, in addition to guidance on how to develop your own healing and meditation skills and practice.

    This teacher training program meets for 11 weekends over 10 month and will include ceremony meditation cosmic membership for unlimited classes for the duration of the program.


    Individual Plan Options-

    Option 1: $499.00 - Option to purchase modules 2 -9 (Saturday & Sunday from 9 to 6 pm) as individually for $499.00.

    Register 7 days in advance to receive an early bird special of $444.00 for the course weekend.

    Sign up here

    Course Dates and Times:

    2021 - 2022 Schedule 
    Visit: CeremonyMeditation.com for additional information



    Saturday & Sunday from 9 to 6 pm


    Investment in self

    Payment Plan Options:

    Option 1: $500/month = $4,500.00 (interest included) / 9 months

    Option 2: $2149 paid twice - upon registration and second installment due by August 1st.

    Option 3: $125/week - Weekly payments - 36 weekly payments x for total of $4500





    Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
    Join Dr. Sada Simran and Sat Siri
    Starting in Sept, 2021!

    This powerful 80-hour teacher training program is a journey of feminine empowerment surrounding our most basic and unique contribution to the future of our species: birth. This course is a call to all women who care deeply about birthing sacredly, the birthing of ourselves and of our children. For a woman to birth consciously, fully aware of her choices, her voice and her own power is a revolution, and a healing to all women everywhere, past present and future.

    Visit: Kajabi/SatSiri.com for the details.




    2022 Ceremony Facilitator Teacher Training in Mexico Retreat

    May, 2022

    Join Roxy Ghoraishy and Dr. Sada Simran, PhD. for a heart expansive 200 Hour 2020 Facilitator Training Intensive in the beautiful energy of Riviera Maya, Mexico near Cancun. We invite you to go on a journey with us with this intensive training program that is created to allow you to step more deeply into your role as a teacher and healer. Through this program you will awaken more of your healing abilities and evolve as a meditation instructor, facilitate circles and heal on an energetic soul level. Hear the cosmic yes, and join us on a journey to connect with your purpose on a soul level.

    This retreat is very special as it is curated to provide a deep level of self care to bring expansion with an array of teachings such as energy medicine, healing, sound healing, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, sacred ceremony facilitation, light body activation with holy fire II reiki ignition, energetic purification, rituals, moon ceremonies, rituals and more. We will guide you on a journey of personal self discovery and spiritual development through these ancient practices as you develop your personal healing and mediation skills and self practice. Step into your empowered, true authentic self as you uplevel your knowledge and way of being in the world.

    This teacher training program meets for 17 days and 16 nights at Casa Om in Riviera Maya, a retreat healing and wellness center located within walking distance to the ocean. The intensive is followed by an online course component that explores workshop development, marketing plans and virtual practicums. The course concludes with a virtual closing circle. The anticipated end date of the course is Sunday, November 22, 2020.

    Retreat includes:
    - housing
    - plant based vegan meals lunch & dinner
    - transportation to and from the airport
    - all course material for the facilitator teacher training program
    - 200 Hour certification

    Immerse yourself in nature as you learn these ancient healing modalities and activation tools so you leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated and ready to facilitate and create ritual and incorporate this in your everyday life and career. Allow this year to be one of clarity and perfect vision! Make 2020 be the year you activate your highest potential and lead a life filled with purpose to live your destiny.

    We have 21 spots available, allow this year to be one of activating your potential through deepening your practice.

    Retreat Activation

    Series I - Lightworker Initiation
    Witness the creation of community as you are guided through powerful group rituals to connect more deeply with yourself and fellow classmates. Experiences include fire rituals, kundalini classes, sound healing, a sacred gratitude offering ritual ceremony on the beach and more!

    Series II - Lightworker Activation
    You will be activated with Holy Fire II Reiki I which will start a purification process of your energetic field and expand the foundation of your spiritual practice. Other topics include energy education, the blue ethers, soul structure, spiritual laws and more.

    Series III - The Lightworker’s Journey
    Transformational self-care is the theme. We’ll explore nutrition, esoteric body care, including an ishnaan experience that will enhance your understanding of creating sacred space for your personal daily practice.

    Series IV - The Focused Lightworker
    We’ll learn various styles of meditations from different lineages, as well as techniques, tips and practices to support you in deepening your personal meditation practice and how to best guide others in meditation.

    Series V - The Zen Worker
    Harnessing the breath to master your mind is essential for all practitioners, facilitators and healers. You’ll experience various forms of pranayama, as well as guided relaxation techniques, Kabbalah, forgiveness, letting go and more.

    Series VI - The Sound Worker
    Learn to use the power of prayer, voice and sound for healing and to enhance your life and offerings. This module teaches about the power of the word and how to use sound healing in sacred gatherings and to raise your vibration.

    Series VII - The Light Activator
    Ignited by holy fire II reiki II energy, you’ll receive symbols to strengthen your reiki energy. How to facilitate distant healings, as well as best practices for one on one healing sessions will also be covered.

    Series VIII - The Ritualist
    Feel the magic as we dive into divination, personal ritual, candle magic, moon rituals and so much more. Learn how to create your own rituals using the elements and most importantly your intentions.

    Series VIII - The Uplevel
    Retreat closing circle

    Series IX - The Space Holder
    Creating a Healing Container, Group Facilitator Training, Community Building are the themes. Learn how to create a curriculum and how to best prepare to teach a class. You’ll also learn unique teachings, such as creating a medicine wheel and walk the four directions for a deeper understanding of the human experience.

    Series X Online Component - The Guru
    Share what you learned and guide us in a class or ritual of your choice as you step into your role as a teacher and facilitator.

    Series XI Online Component - The Facilitator
    Course virtual closing circle

    REQUIREMENT: Open to ALL levels, beginning or advanced. This will allow you to deepen your practice, and through an energetic upgrades for your energy body.

    Bonuses include: (A value of $800)
    Holy Fire II - Reiki I and II Certification
    Intention Setting Zoom Call with Roxy or Dr. Sada

    The goal of the course is to graduate fully prepared to offer at least several healing modalities, classes or workshops with a marketing plan to share your offerings with the world. This teacher training program meets “in-person” for 17 days beginning Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020 through Tuesday, Sept. 22. 2020 followed by online component. The course concludes on Sunday, November 22, 2020.


    Single occupancy King bed - (one room available)

    Double - 14 beds available -$5,600.00

    Dorm option - six single beds in one room with shared bathroom - $5,100.00


    Payment Options

    Option 1 - Pay in full
    Single- one available - $6,600.00
    Double - 14 available -$5,600.00
    Dorm- 6 spaces available - $5,100.00

    Option 2 - Payable in two payments, second payment due July 1, 2020
    Single- one spot available - $6,900.00 /2 = $3,450.00 each
    Double - 14 spaces available -$5,900.00/ 2 = $2,950.00 each
    Dorm- 6 spaces available - $5,400.00= $2,700.00 each
    21 spaces available

    Early Bird special receive
    $500.00 off if you register before April 15, 2020
    If you have questions and To register please email Roxy@ceremonymeditation.com.





  • BIO

    about me....



    As the door of corporate life closed behind her, Dr. Sada Simran Kaur stepped into the world of Kundalini yoga. Her life would never be the same. Two little words would change everything: Sat Nam. It became her quest, her mantra…. truth as an identity. To nurture an internal awareness of this vibration is the foundation of her classes, which are a journey to experience truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness.


    Dr. Sada Simran is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#146164) with a PhD in Somatic Psychology. She is also IKYTA certified as a Kundalini teacher, Conscious Pregnancy & Khalsa Way certified prenatal and postnatal teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner, and birth doula.


    The depth of her knowledge of conscious conception, pregnancy and motherhood spans two decades of personal, academic and yogic experience. She is profoundly skilled at empowering women through the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur during pregnancy, labor & delivery. She is a guidepost for women to discover a sense of safety, support and enthusiasm within themselves during this time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings so they welcome their babies into the world in joy.




    All questions and suggestions welcome.




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