• Myth-Busting Therapy

    I inspire others to feel guided at the deepest level, because Living Well is your birthright.

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    Dispelling YOUR Myths about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

    “Get Ready”: Transition to Parenthood

    Dr. Sada Simran’s prenatal sessions support a woman's development through the psychological and physical transitions toward motherhood. Her gift is her ability to identify birth-related issues in a woman's personal history. She possesses a vast skill set of yogic and therapeutic tools to address the specific anxieties a woman experiences at the threshold of motherhood to improve both psychological and medical birth outcomes. The primary focus of the sessions is upon the woman's needs and development in relationship to her developing identity as woman and mother. Family history, past childbirth, present family support, the woman's own birth experience and realistic preparation for giving birth are covered.

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    Dispelling YOUR Myths around living a kick-ass life

    Sessions Dr. Sada Simran appeal to anyone seeking support for better mental, emotional and spiritual health. She pairs traditional methods of therapeutic care with ancient yogic healing modalities to tailor a program of healing suited to your individual needs. Sessions may be composed with a unique blend of psychotherapy, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, and breathwork. Dr. Sada Simran helps people release trauma and negative emotions from the body and inspires them to aspire to their best selves.


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    What's Coming....

    see Training Programs for other offerings

    Mexico, Baby!!!
    Sept. 17 thru Sept. 24 - LIVE and IN-PERSON
    Details below.



    Women's Wisdom Teacher Training
    Starts Oct. 8, 2022 - virtual
    Details below
    Visit: https://satsiri.mykajabi.com/prenatalpostnatal
    to sign up


    Inner Wonders App @inner_wonders FB & IG
    Guided Sound Meditations
    available for Apple and Android.



    Yoga and Meditation - In Person

    7:30 pm
    Held at a private home on Mount Washinton

    Message me for the address



    PRIVATES and GROUPS on request
    Message me to start a conversation.






    September 17 through September 24, 2022
    Puerto Morales (near Cancun)

    Unwind and Connect

    When was the last time you spent a week around people who truly, truly love you. This is that opportunity. It is also an opportunity to cool your nervous system, calm your mind and open to the warmth of your heart. Join us on the beaches of Mexico while diving into the safest place on earth… your soul. We will nurture and bless ourselves to let go of and transform the overwhelm of life into a compassionate witnessing, a state of acceptance and compassion for ourselves. There will be stories, laughter, vegan food and fabulous conversation.

    At Casa OM we will rejuvenate and relax with old friends and possibly make some new ones.


    A Day at Casa Om

    7:30 am – 8:30 am Delicious and healthy group breakfast

    6:00 pm – Delicious and healthy group dinner


    Each of you are gifted facilitators. If there is an offering, session, healing you would like to bring to the group, let it be known! Your imagination is the only limitation.


    What's Included

    • 6 nights of accommodation

    • Two gourmet meals a day

    • Free time to enjoy on the beach or to head out on an excursion of your choice or facilitate something



    What's Not Included

    • Airfare

    • Lunches

    • Additional excursions

    • Spa and Body Treatments

    • Transportation to and from the Cancun International Airport (30 min drive)
    Available from Casa Om $45 each way

    • Travel insurance (recommended)/ Travel Visas

    • Gratuities




    Features 2 bunk beds that sleep 4 people. Includes a private bathroom and an attached outdoor kitchen. There is a 2nd bathroom available with a shower upstairs. Featuring high ceilings, skylights, extra blankets, organic bamboo sheets, and an onyx sink from Puebla.



    Two-Bed Room / Shared Bath

    Features 2 beds and a shared bathroom. It has a safe, extra blankets, overhead fan, organic bamboo sheets, hand carved headboards from Bali, a mirror from India, travertine floors, and air conditioning. The shared bathroom features an onyx sink from Puebla.

    $1,100 double occupancy
    $1,400 single occupancy


    Two-Bed Room / Private Bath

    Features 2 beds and a private bathroom. It has a coffee pot, mini fridge, safe, extra blankets, overhead fan, organic bamboo sheets, hand carved headboards from Bali, a mirror from India, onyx lights from Puebla, travertine floors, art from local photographers and a/c.

    $1,100 double occupancy
    $1,400 single occupancy

    Queen Room / Private Bath

    Features 1 queen bed, a private bathroom (not en-suite), a sea view & private balcony. It has a hand-carved desk from India, coffee pot, mini fridge, mini kitchenette, safe, organic bamboo sheets, onyx lights from Puebla, travertine floors & art from local photographers.

    $1,100 double occupancy
    $1,400 single occupancy



    Queen Room / Private Bath

    Features 1 queen bed, 1 bed/couch and a private bathroom. It has a desk, coffee pot, mini fridge, mini kitchenette, safe, extra blankets, overhead fan, organic bamboo sheets, a carved headboard, onyx lights from Puebla, travertine floors, art from local photographers & a/c.

    $1,100 double occupancy
    $1,400 single occupancy


    King Room / Private Bath

    This room features a king size Rajasthani bed from India and a private bathroom. It has a hand carved desk from India, a safe, extra blankets, overhead fan, organic bamboo sheets, a mirror from India, onyx lights from Puebla, travertine floors, a bathtub, shower and air conditioning.

    $1,100 double occupancy
    $1,400 single occupancy


    For photos and additional information, visit the website https://casaom.com/flagship-framework1649168382910


    To sign up, message me below. 

    Please note that no refunds will be offered. Transferring of your reservation to another person is possible with prior approval from me or Roxy. 






    Women’s Wisdom:

    Prenatal & Postnatal Education

    With optional Yoga Teacher Training Certification 

    October 15, 2022 - January 23, 2023


    This powerful program is a journey of feminine empowerment surrounding our most basic and unique contribution to the future of our species: birth. This course is a call to all women who care deeply about birthing sacredly, the birthing of ourselves and of our children. For a woman to birth consciously, fully aware of her choices, her voice and her own power is a revolution, and a healing to all women everywhere, past present and future.


    On a personal level, you will experience powerful subconscious clearing and rebirthing kriyas to heal your personal prenatal trauma and gain spiritual insight about your destiny as a woman, a teacher and a mother.


    On a community level, you will develop the skills to support yourself and other women physically, emotionally and spiritually on their journey to motherhood. In the physical support module you will learn yoga postures, breathwork, and meditations specific for pre and postnatal experiences. In the emotional support module, you will learn mantras and other comfort measures to support women through the joys and challenges of pregnancy and early motherhood.


    As we honor pregnancy as the beginning of another phase of a woman’s spiritual journey, in the spiritual support module, you will learn the art of a space holder for women’s opportunity during pregnancy to come to know all essential prerequisites for mothering that is her intuition, her wisdom, her strength, her connection to all women and her connection to her own divine nature.


    This life-changing course convenes virtually over 4 weekends and offers a phenomenal online component of inspiration and encouragement to supplement your training.

    At the conclusion of this powerful and empowering course, you will be prepared to support yourself and other women through the stages of preconception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Certification to facilitate pre and postnatal yoga classes is available to student who fulfill the

    Be part of both the education and celebration as we explore the joys and challenges of this sacred incarnation of being a woman.


    There are two tracks on this program: Psychoeducation Certification and Yoga Teacher Certification.


    The psychoeducation certification track. This track offers education and information to women seeking knowledge, tools and information to better understand, cope and support themselves and others on the journey through preconception, conception, pregnancy and the post-partum experience. Beyond the education and resources provided on this course, students experience improved problem-solving and communication skills due to the empathetic and supportive course experience.


    The Yoga Teacher Training Certification Track includes the teachings of the Psychoeducation Certification Track plus a practicum requirement. Students opting for this track demonstrate their knowledge by teaching a yoga class (practicum) on the final weekend of the course.

    Psychoeducation track students are asked to attend the practicums as students to support each other's growth and development as we work together to share the information offered in this course to the world.


    Course Dates

    October 15 and 16, 2022

    November 5 and 6, 2022

    December 3 and 4, 2022

    January 22 and 23, 2023

    Class Hours 7am to 1pm PST


    To sign up visit:



    Don't hesitate to message me with questions.


  • BIO

    about me....



    As the door of corporate life closed behind her, Dr. Sada Simran Kaur stepped into the world of Kundalini yoga. Her life would never be the same. Two little words would change everything: Sat Nam. It became her quest, her mantra…. truth as an identity. To nurture an internal awareness of this vibration is the foundation of her classes, which are a journey to experience truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness.


    Dr. Sada Simran is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#146164) with a PhD in Somatic Psychology. She is also IKYTA certified as a Kundalini teacher, Conscious Pregnancy & Khalsa Way certified prenatal and postnatal teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner, and birth doula.


    The depth of her knowledge of conscious conception, pregnancy and motherhood spans two decades of personal, academic and yogic experience. She is profoundly skilled at empowering women through the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur during pregnancy, labor & delivery. She is a guidepost for women to discover a sense of safety, support and enthusiasm within themselves during this time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings so they welcome their babies into the world in joy.




    All questions and suggestions welcome.


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