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Fall is here....

Tomorrow - Wednesday,
September 23rd is the Fall equinox, a time when day and night are equal
in length everywhere on the planet. The sun rises precisely in the East,
arcs through the sky for 12 hours, and sets exactly in the West,
disappearing for another 12 hours. For the next few months, yin and
darkness will expand, peaking at Winter solstice, and then contract
until light and dark equalize once more at the Spring equinox. 

Fall is a time to:

    • Relish the abundance of food at the end of the growing season

    • Reflect with gratitude on all we have been given in our lives

    • Seek balance and harmony in our inner and outer world's

    • Release physical and emotional baggage

    • Cleanse to prepare for a deep period of introspection

It is a time of letting go particularly of old grief and attachments. 
The Kundalini Sunrise Cleanse, hosted by me and Joanna, is a great way to kick this process into high gear. The cleanse starts this Sunday, Sept. 27. Join for a major shift in mind, body and spirit!

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